Marwick Kane with Kai and Delilah CEO/Founder Up Pup 'n' Away

Marwick Kane with Kai and Delilah
CEO/Founder Up Pup 'n' Away

Marwick Kane is a former San Francisco Cop, a recovering actor, sometime landscape designer, and a life-long animal lover.

Marwick grew up with 5 older brothers and sisters, and surrounded by cats, dogs, fancy rats, turtles, and other childhood pets. Later he would rescue and raise rabbits, chinchillas, sugar gliders, wild skunks, and a large and still growing desert tortoise. But Marwick has always been devoted to dogs. This started when he raised and showed Pekingese while living in San Francisco. After moving to Los Angeles he found his way to Dobermans- First with
Patsy, and later working with the Los Angeles Doberman Rescue to help give Jackie, Iris, and Michelle a loving home.

After Patsy's unfortunate death from bone cancer, Marwick trained Jackie to be a registered therapy dog-turning the grief of losing Patsy into an opportunity to help others.

Jackie and Marwick have helped senior citizens, hospital patients, and children in therapy. Later, Marwick also turned to rescuing Long-Haired Dalmatians, and trained his two rescues Kai and Delilah into registered therapy dogs. In 2013, Marwick became one of the first members of the LAX P.U.P program, working with therapy dogs to help un-stress passengers traveling through Los Angeles International Airport. During his time volunteering at LAX, Marwick saw no place for dog and cat families to shop for their pets
while away from their furry family members, and so he started Up Pup 'n' Away in 2015.